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  • Product losses during mixing processes where excessive foaming occurs
  • Reducing efficiencies of bottling lines
  • Slowing filling time and throughput
  • High losses during filling
  • Coating of vessels - higher CIP needed
  • Excessive foaming during CIP processes can greatly reduce cleaning efficiencies
  • Excessive foaming of washing / rinsing liquors can greatly decrease foaming efficiency
  • Inaccurate readings from control and measuring equipment such as temperature, level and density controllers

SYMPTOM: Overall foam reduces process and cost efficiencies
SOLUTION: Addition of Buvatex AF L 3027

Key benefits

  • Foam control agent / food grade / GRAS / Kosher certified
  • A unique liquid emulsion of an extremely effective surface active agent
  • Dimethylpolysiloxane (silicon based antifoam)
  • Can prevent, suppress or destroy processing foams, which may occur in mixing or bottling processes.
  • Can be applied to prevent over foaming at point of food service dispense machines or from RTD small pack bottles or cans.
  • Competitive ratio of cost to efficiency
  • Buvatex AF L 3027 is a unique emulsion of an extremely effective surface-active agent (E900), which prevents foam formation by reducing surface tension.
  • Dimethyl-polysiloxane (E900) in beverages in the EU;

When you use E900 as an additive, you can apply 10ppm (50 ppm of Buvatex AF L 3027) in the following beverages: 'Non-alcoholic flavoured drinks, pineapple juice, wine and cider', subsequently you have to label E900 on your product.

Processing aid:
When you use E900 as a processing aid, this is not regulated; you are not restricted to a certain application and dosage, subsequently E900 does not have to be labeled on the final product.



PROBLEM: Poor mouthfeel / body in low protein beers, malt based drinks, non-alcoholic beers / low alcoholic beers, and non- alcoholic beverages

SOLUTION: Addition of Buvatex to increase the sensation of palate fullness, the viscosity, and feel of the beverage in the mouth

Key benefits
► Enhances mouthfeel
► Improves perception of freshness
► In the case of beer and non-alcoholic beer it increases the final gravity (FG), but not at the expense of incomplete fermentation. This enables the production of lower gravity beer while maintaining the body.

Buvatex HS & Buvatex HS Plus are trade names for specially prepared mouthfeel enhancers for use in the beverage industry. They are complex compounds specifically designed to enhance and stabilise the body in beer and non-alcoholic malt based beverages.