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PROBLEM: Occurrence of foam negative materials during production or at point of dispense
SYMPTOM: Inadequate or unstable foam
SOLUTION: Addition of Biofoam™ in order to obtain optimum foam

Key benefits
► Improves natural foam
► Enhances cling
► Stabilises foam by protecting against;
    - glassware detergents
    - food traces
    - lipstick
    - raw material lipids

Biofoam™ are based on a purified form of propylene glycol alginate (PGA) derived from brown marine algae (Phaeophycaeae) developed and manufactured exclusively for use as a beer foam stabiliser. The surface-active orientation of the molecule along with other 'foam positive' material (protein, hops and oligosaccharides) not only promotes foam production but also stabilises the foam against collapse by 'foam negative' materials.

Biofoam™ SDP is a specially formulated foam stabiliser containing both hydrolysed wheat gluten to promote foaming during dispense and polyglycol alginate (PGA) to promote foam stability. It has been designed specifically to promote foam creation and stabilisation in low malt / protein beverages.