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PROBLEM: Slow yeast sedimentation at the end of fermentation
SYMPTOM: Poor filtration and possibly hazy beer
SOLUTION: Addition of Biofine™

Key benefits
► Speeds up yeast cell sedimentation
► Reduces yeast cell loading on the beer filter
► Speeds up/standardises beer filtration runs
► Reduced kieselguhr usage
► Removes submicron protein haze particles

Biofine™ is a purified form of collagen isolated from the swim bladders of tropical fish. The isinglass molecule is a triple helix of amino acids, with an overall net positive charge at beer pH. It forms large aggregates with the negatively charged yeast cells thereby increasing their rate of sedimentation.

Biofine Clear has been specially formulated for the rapid sedimentation of yeast and other haze forming particles in beer. It is based on colloidal silicon dioxide and as such complies with all legislation and allergen labelling issues.