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Wort Boiling

The major objectives of the wort boiling process are summarised in the table below. 

Objectives of wort boiling

  • Evaporation of water
  • Coagulation of proteins (trub formation)
  • Isomerisation of hop bitter acids
  • Inactivation of enzymes
  • Wort sterilisation
  • Evaporation of undesirable volatiles
  • Formation of flavour compounds and colour development

The Whirlfloc™ range of products from Kerry ensures more rapid and consistent coagulation of wort hot and cold break proteins thereby optimising trub formation, reducing expensive wort losses (in poorly compacted trubs) and ensuring bright, clear and consistent worts for fermentation.

may be added to the kettle in circumstances where wort is still starch positive or may be suspected of having a significant level of potentially troublesome dextrin.

FermCap™ can be used in the copper to reduce expensive wort losses due to over boiling and also improve on subsequent brewhouse and tank cleaning costs.