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Fermentation and Maturation

Kerry offers a number of products for consistent and cost effective fermentation and maturation.

Enzymes may be added at this stage to increase wort fermentability (Bioferm™ and Amylo), and to remove potentially troublesome dextrins from the wort. Bioglucanase may be added to reduce the possibility of beer filtration problems and ß-glucan gums and hazes in the final product.

In high adjunct brewing, nitrogen as a source of food for yeast, may be limiting. In this instance specifically developed yeast foods (Yeastex™) may be added as both nitrogen and vitamin supplements.

Occasionally there may be a problem on the fermentation side of the process with excess fobbing or foam formation in tanks. This can have the effect of reduced hop utilisation, reduced fermentation capacity, increased fouling of vessels and poor foam stability due to the loss of valuable foam positive materials. In some cases this can also result in problems with beer filtration and hazes due to collapsed foam.

These problems can be alleviated by using Kerry's FermCap™ range of products.