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Buckwheat / Quinoa

Buckwheat and quinoa are pseudo-cereals. Unlike barley, pseudo-cereals do not belong to the grass family, but like cereal grains they consist predominantly of starch. They have a starchy endosperm and a non-starchy aleurone layer. These cereals are, at present, not commonly used in the brewing industry. In recent years they have been of interest because of their gluten-free status. However, due to the lack of endogenous enzymes, difficulties to malt and the presence of viscosity influencing components - many problems can exist when using buckwheat as an adjunct.

Typical Problems

Our Solutions

Poor mash or beer filtration

Promalt™, Bioglucanase, Biocellulase

Insufficient levels of free amino nitrogen

Promalt™, Bioprotease

High mash viscosities and starch positive wort


Wort clarity


Limited vitamins, essential salts and amino 
acids for yeast


Poor foam stability

Biofoam K, Biofoam AT,
Biofoam CL