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Beer Filtration, Stabilisation and Packaging

At the end of maturation it is important to remove as much yeast as possible prior to filtration as this will significantly reduce the solids loading on the filter and prolong filter run times. Increasing filter run length and reducing filteraid consumption usage rates can have significant cost saving and quality benefits in a standard process. The Biofine™ range of products have been designed and optimised to give the brewer these significant cost control and quality improvements.

The enzyme Profix™ may be added to the beer, prior to pasteurisation, to control chill haze formation.

The quality, amount and stability of beer foam when dispensed from either a small package or tap is a very important characteristic of the product. In normal dispense environments there are numerous external factors as well as some internal factors (such as malt and hop derived lipids), which may adversely affect beer foam stability. The Biofoam™ range of products is recommended for beer foam creation and stabilisation.

Beer flavour stability is an absolute requirement for the final packaged product. The negative effects of oxygen uptake during packaging or flavour active precursors can be eliminated by Kerry's specially designed antioxidant system, Biox.